June TEE important questions for begla-138

Hello Students, here we are sharing few important questions for begla-138.

Here is 20 Important Questions for BEGLA-138

  1. What is the difference between skimming and scanning?
  2. How is intensive reading different from extensive reading?
  3. Explain the concept of communication?
  4. Give reason for some areas of great plains getting depopulating?
  5. Differentiate between paralanguage and paralinguistic phenomena?
  6. What is the reason behind the failure of public health?
  7. What are the encoding and decoding in the process of communication why are they important?
  8. Why is critical reading important?
  9. What are the three milestone in the life of Dr. Abdul Kalam?
  10. According to the true lord, which is the ideal place for a kid to grow up in?
  11. What do you understand by language and communication?
  12. In which fields are the women in India empowered?
  13. What does silent reading play a vital role in ?
  14. What are the 7C of communication?
  15. Explain the five categories of reading comprehension with example?
  16. Explain the communication cycle in detail?
  17. What is attention span and memory span in reading comprehension?
  18. Briefly discuss the three main stages of reading along with the difference between ‘analysis’ and ‘synthesis’ w.r.t. the ‘cognitive outcomes of ‘reading’?
  19. What are the five main strategies that should be adhered to for enhancing the skills of reading and understanding a literary passage?
  20. Which are the skills important for expository reading and why
important questions for begla-138
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